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Help me afford my prescription copay?


Kenneth asks: “My doctor prescribed rifaximin but I cannot afford the copay. Can you help me?”

Samantha answers!

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  1. I’m on a very limited fixed income, I can’t afford my prescription Lantis, it cost me ,$95.00 to fill it, is there anyway the price can be reduced significaly,like down to $20.00?

    1. Thanks for the question Charly. There are a number of programs available for Lantus. We recommend reaching out to each of them. The first is a Patient Assistance Program offered by Sanofi found here – https://www.needymeds.org/brand-drug/name/Lantus

      Sanofi also offers two coupons that you can find here – https://www.needymeds.org/coupons.taf?_function=name_list&gname=insulin%20glargine%20recombinant

      They also have coupons available for other types of Lantus, the Solostar pen and the U-100 – https://www.needymeds.org/coupons.taf?_function=name_list&gname=insulin%20glargine%20rDNA%20origin

      We also recommend looking into Diabetes specific assistance programs that may be able to help cover the cost or provide you with supplies, you can find those here – https://www.needymeds.org/copay_diseases.taf?_function=summary&disease_id=111&disease_eng=Diabetes&dx=17&drp=diabetes

      If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to call our toll free helpline at (800) 503-6897.

  2. I cannot afford the co pay for Trintelix. I have Medicare part D. The cost for a 30 day supply for me is 189.00.
    Where can I get help ?
    Thank you

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